Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of the Theodora Foundation?

Since its beginnings in 1993, the Theodora Foundation strives to bring a little cheer to the everyday lives of children in hospitals and specialist care centres through joy and laughter.

Where does my donation go?

In order to do so, the Foundation organises and finances weekly visits by professional artists known as Giggle Doctors. Focussing on the needs of each individual child, with their actions, they bring fun and laughter and a very welcome change. The Giggle Doctors help children to forget the hospital, if only for a while, and to escape into a colourful world of imagination and smiles.Thanks to your generosity, we can continue to offer precious moments of happiness to these children.

What happens when I reach my campaign's goal?

Whether your goal is achieved or not, all donations will be forwarded directly to the Theodora Foundation. If your campaign reaches its goal, you can easily increase it and continue your support.

Will I receive a confirmation of my donation for taxes?

After receiving your donation, you will receive a confirmation email, which will serve as a certificate. If you would like to receive a certificate by post mail you can contact us. You can reach us by phone at 021/811.51.84 or by email.

How is my data used?

The Theodora Foundation is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We invite you to read our data protection policy.

Any others questions?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by phone: 021 811 51 93 or by email

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