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10 months ago

That's my beloved grandma, who inspired me in so many ways with her amazing personality and attitude towards life. Regardless of her (sometimes, profoundly thought) life events, she was always showing up in life with creativity, with an incredible positive and can-do attitude, resilience and willingness to bring joy, comfort and love to everyone around her. For one of her latest birthdays, she wanted to surprise us all showing up dress up as a Clown. She was my dearest Dr. Clown. And I would love all kids to have their own Dr. Clown in hospital stays. It makes such a difference in kids' lives, influencing positively the way they will face challenging events in their future!

Why am I campaigning for Theodora Foundation
Long stays in boring yet scary white walls of hospitals is not an easy phase for anyone. For kids suffering from health complications, it also means to skip key experiences for their whole development such as participating to birthday parties, making new friends of their age, skipping school, outdoor activities...

"Dr. Clowns" are here to make a truly positive impact in each one of those kids. They bring pure joy into their everyday scary atmosphere, they bring fear relief, they bring a feeling of "back to normal childhood" while in the hospital stay, and boost their self-esteem through laughter. Isn't it magic?

Help me generate an even bigger impact by contributing to the campaign "Give a smile" and add laughter, joy, mental health & human care, to kids staying in hospitals. They can receive a much needed visit from Dr. Clown among all those scary treatments, thanks to YOU!

Theodora Foundation

Smile and dreams for our children

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«Feliz cumple merxi, que bonita causa!»
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