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Why are we campaigning for Theodora Foundation
Let's adopt a Giggle Doctor for a whole year!
Thanks to your precious donation, the Giggle Doctor will be able to visit for a whole year children in hospital, bringing them moments of joy and happiness!

Let's do it together!


Theodora Foundation

Smile and dreams for our children

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12 donations received

CHF 200
Anel Leolli
a month ago
CHF 150
Tatjana Bogdanova
«Caccia al tesoro con Theodora»
a month ago
CHF 50
roberta braghiroli
a month ago
CHF 200
Sabina ferreri
a month ago
CHF 300
Claudia Ciocca
a month ago
CHF 200
Angie Ghirardelli
a month ago
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